We are a family business employing a small team of forestry and wildlife experts, artists, designers, carpenters and education practitioners working in Yorkshire woodlands; thinning, letting sunlight in, creating and improving wildlife habitats to increase and sustain bio-diversity.

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We have a strict environmental policy that we try to pass on through our work. With the timber we harvest, we make beautiful things to enhance your outdoor areas.

We carry out careful thinning works in Yorkshire woodland, often using horses to extract the timber because a horse disturbs the woodland floor much less than a tractor. We remove the branched and damaged trees in order to improve the health of the woodland. This in turn allows sunlight through to the canopy floor, which encourages the growth and spread of many different wild-flowers and shrubs. It also encourages natural regeneration of the woodland itself.

Story areas, wildlife gardens, forest schools, wildlife ponds, seating, trim-trails, play-streams, wildlife sculptures, artwork illustrated fencing and fencing panels, signs, physical fitness equipment,  imaginative play, benches, memorial gardens, woodland corners and much more.

Magical Gardens

Here you can find our innovative Outdoor Maths collection, including the ©Mini-Maths set and the ©Versa-Tile Maths Set. We have a wealth of products and resources for teaching literacy and numeracy, the Outdoor Maths collection has garnered a HUGE following since it’s release in late 2019.

Literacy and Numeracy


Classrooms, Hobbit Houses, playhouses, shelters, reading nooks, bird-hides, mini-theatres, forts, as well as hay-barns, bungalows and stables.

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Just naturally durable Yorkshire-grown timber Welcome to Outdoor Classrooms


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Woodland Management

Outdoor Classrooms Ltd

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