Woodland Management:

At Outdoor Classrooms, we are fully committed to our environmental ethic.

Our story begins in the woods. We offer woodland management service to woodland or forestry owners. Our management ethic is that no tree should be felled if it is not a direct advantage to the woodland, and the flora and fauna with the woodland.

We carry out sensitive thinning operations to bring the woodland to life. We transform over-stocked sites - where nothing grows or thrives because the sunlight cannot reach the woodland floor.

Where the woodland is sensitive, we used horses rather than tractors to bring the timber to roadside ready for collection.

Wherever we work, we always see inspiring results the following spring. We leave behind hugely improved wildlife habitat, simply by opening up the canopy to let the sunlight in.

Our ethic does not stop there. We use every last piece of the trees that we fell. We don’t waste anything at all. All the leaves, stems, sawdust and wood-chip is mixed in with manure from the stable-yard next door and rots down to make compost for our planters.

Finally, every tree we use is replaced three or four times over - partly due to panting schemes and partly due to natural regeneration in the woodland itself.


We NEVER put your children at risk of arsenic contamination by tanalising our timber. In fact, we don’t use any nasty chemical preservatives at all. Instead, we use naturally durable species of timber such as oak, ash, larch and western red cedar, and treat our timber with either natural linseed oil (made from flax seeds) or with other vegetable-based varnish.

So our items are…

Safe - Natural - Durable - Ethical - Beautiful

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All Natural




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